My adoration for Final Fantasy IX

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of people speak of the Final Fantasy franchise, but for me, it was my life when I was a child.
Born in 1991, I was able to emerge myself into new technology and games as they came out. One that particularly caught my eye was Final Fantasy IX. After all these years, nothing has been able to replicate the feelings I had for this game.

Now, Final Fantasy VII seems to be the most popular in the series in the sense of fandom, but there is just a certain kind of magic of Final Fantasy IX that was never prevalent in other games for me.

This game not only has beautiful artwork before game play, but also within the game. You can truly see the amount of work put into every scene, the atmosphere playing with the darkness and contrast, and of course the music.

The music from early Final Fantasies were composed by Nobou Uematsu. This man is my idol and a brilliant man. I, by chance through an exchange work program, got placed in his home town. I figured it was fate reminding me how spectacular this man is and how he truly outdid himself for Final Fantasy IX.

The music plays perfectly with each scene, with every little detail, and with every touch of atmosphere. One place that stood out to me in particular was the fallen city of Burmecia.

Burmecia is one of the few places that I’ve experienced in my gamehood that has never been topped. Every time I return to this city, no matter when I’m playing this game, I can’t help but to get chills. To close my eyes, hear the rain in the music and the sadness of the history here. You can feel the animosity and dejection in the images, in the dialog, in the music, and in the characters.

I’m not going to share a link to the music here because I believe you should play up to this point in the game to truly understand how amazingly the creators placed the lost feelings into this city.

As a major fan of this game, I replay it every year. With a recent release of FFIX on PC and mobile, I felt that I needed to share my absolute adoration of this game.

I don’t want to say too much in worry for spoilers, but FFIX will change your life and how you view video games. Every year that I play it, I tell myself to pay attention to something new. Last year it was the connection of the music and images with atmosphere, and the year before it was plot line and storyboard.

Although I’m not a game designer and simply a loving fan, I truly believe Final Fantasy IX is a work of art.


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